What We Do

We are First Motion capture Studio in Croatia

We offer a complete motion capture service for AAA and film productions performed with the latest optical camera technology from Vicon.
Our character animation services include numerous innovative tools, techniques, and custom technologies developed over years of industry experience.



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We cover every step of pre-production: from consulting, planning and casting, to main production for recording the performance, to post-production where we resolve, clean and apply digital movement to your characters.


Casting talent
Prop – Set design
Shoot Organisation


Vicon Motion Capture
Face and Finger Capture
SDI Camera on Green Screen
Virtual Production


Data Cleanup
Solving and Retargeting
Motion editing
Virtual Camera Layout

Our Studio! You will Love it!

We use the latest Vicon technology in our 300m2 studio space and professional actors and performers specialized in this industry, as well as our in-house prop development technology.
We are able to deliver the most intense motion sequences, and combined with a 100m2 sized green screen, your virtual content is within reach.

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Find us in beautiful Zagreb on the busy Radnička Street, close to attractive hotels and the airport.

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